Headers and Exhaust

State of the Art Header for 124 Spider and 124 Coupe

The 124 header is ideal for engines that need more low end torque without sacrificing top end power. The stepper design has been proven on all Fiat twin-cam engines, from stock motors to full road-race versions, providing amazing mid-range torque and top end power. The unit is made with 16 gauge tubing with a 1/2″ flange. The tube length is approximately 27″.

headers  headers2  headers4  headers5

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124 Direct Replacement Exhaust System

The 124 header exhaust system is a 2 1/4″ high flow system that includes all clamps, hangers and a polished stainless steel Insynerator muffler. This system is an excellent complement to the Fiat header, and is sold separately from the header.

124exhaust3  124exhaust2  124exhaust1  124exhaust4

Lancia Scorpion Header

The Scorpion header is a high performance unit made with 16 gauge, 1 5/8″ tubing and a 1/2″ flange. It is available as a painted unit, or ceramic coated and polished.

scorphdr2  scorphdr1  scorphdr3

Fiat 131 and Brava Header

This header fits left-hand-drive Fiat 131 and Brava models, both 1800 and 2.0 engines. It features a CNC machined flange with matched ports. The flange is 1/2″ thick. The header is a stepper design for great low and mid-range torque along with superior top end power.

131header  131header2  131header4  131header5  131header3

X 1/9 Header and Exhaust System

The X 1/9 header can be ordered on its own, or as a complete system that includes everything needed to install: hanger springs, collector bolts and gaskets. The system can be ordered for either left or right exit and uses uses the stock mounting locations. This header fits both carbureted and fuel-injected cars, and will fit cars with air conditioning.  A quad-tip exhaust option is also available.

x19header1  x19header2  x19header3  x19header4  x19header5  x19header6  x19header7  x19quadtipheader1  x19quadtipheader2